Friday, May 22, 2015

California Fish Grill- Irvine, CA

 California Fish Grill- Irvine, CA:

Having read Edwin Goei of Monster Munching's positive review of California Fish Grill and a recent feature on its poke on Stick a Fork In It of OC Weekly and being in the mood for poke and cooked fish while in Irvine, we finally visited California Fish Grill, a fast-casual seafood joint.

During our weekday visit at lunchtime, it was packed, with local employees and families coming in for lunch. Both indoor and outdoor seating were packed except for the bar near the kitchen, people were ordering both take in and take out, and the kitchen's grill was completely filled with fish filets. Talk about good business!

California Fish Grill- Irvine, CA: New England Style Clam Chowder Bowl

We began our meal with the New England Clam Chowder Bowl (4.49 USD), a large bowl for a very reasonable price. It was not jam packed with clams, nor was it very heavy on the clam flavor (instead favoring the cream instead), but it was freshly made, with the potatoes cut into sharp cubes, and veggies cut into small pieces. We also liked that it came with oyster crackers--overall, a positive start to the meal.

Jook Hyang- Los Angeles (Koreatown), CA

Jook Hyang- Los Angeles (Koreantown), CA: Exterior

In search for some healthful Korean food--soups and porridge--I found out about Jook Hyang, a standalone Korean restaurant on Olympic in Koreatown.

Jook Hyang- Los Angeles (Koreatown), CA: Interior

An abalone, chicken soup, beef bone soup (cooked for a week), porridge specialist, Jook Hyang offers a wide range of offerings dedicated to the three items--abalone sashimi, abalone porridge, abalone and chicken soup, and a page full of different porridge items. Walking into the restaurant, you'll see an abalone tank and bucketfuls of cornish hens.

All these quality items and work spans throughout the restaurant and offerings, which also includes bamboo rice entrees, korean barbeque and seafood, banchan, and other items. It also translates into slightly higher costs--lunch is slightly cheaper if you order the sets, but otherwise, expect to spend around 15-20 USD per person, if not more.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pa-Ord Noodle #3- Los Angeles (Thai Town), CA

Pa-Ord Noodle #3- Los Angeles (Thai Town), CA: Exterior

After visiting Bhan Kanom Thai, we decided to follow along with dinner at Pa-Ord Noodle, which has been famous for its noodle soups.

Pa-Ord Noodle #3- Los Angeles (Thai Town), CA: Spice and Sauces

Inside Pa-Ord Noodle was a homey atmosphere, with a small marketplace of imported and locally made snacks and desserts, several warming stations with food, and festive Thai decorations. The staff were extremely friendly, smiling happily and welcoming to offer suggestions and advice on the menu.