Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Maccheroni Republic- Los Angeles (Downtown), CA

Maccheroni Republic- Los Angeles, CA:

Maccheroni Republic specializes in "artisan handmade fresh organic pasta" at an affordable price point, and is quite popular in the city, having long waits (now made more convenient, with a Yelp waitlist feature). We decided to check it out for lunch during their DineLA week earlier this year.

Maccheroni Republic- Los Angeles, CA: Bread

Stopping by at its opening time for lunch (11 AM), we didn't need to wait long for a table, as the waiters quickly brought a small queue of customers waiting outside to their seats both inside and outside of the restaurants. The interior was rather cozy with tables located quite close to each other, so we opted to sit outside, which was kept warm in a rather cool morning with several heaters. 

Alongside each table was bottles of oil (both olive and chili) and vinegar to accompany the bread, which was crusty outside and soft inside.