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The Mirage Review: Part 4: Terry Fator Theatre, Conference Area, & The Roasted Bean

-Part of the Las Vegas 2008 Series-

And here we are, with the last part of the Mirage review! This part will talk about the new Terry Fator Theatre (replaces Danny Gans which is now at Encore), as well as the Roasted Bean coffee shop which is very close to it. In addition, there are also some photos of the conference center area.

The Terry Fator Theatre is amazing. Not like the LOVE show amazing (they use lots of bold colors, lights, and mirrors in their entry!), but more "classic" amazing. Lots of beige, curves, and gold. But why they didn't change the carpet? (looks like from opening time...). Who knows? But it fits in at least. It doesn't look like an oddball compared to some parts of the Mirage hotel.

At the counter area, they are selling the drinks. Obviously, at this time, there was no one, and there was no food either. It was all for display back then! But they are opening this month!

This is more of a centered shot. For winter, they put a HUGE Christmas tree in the middle of the area! One couple took pictures there while we were looking around at the theatre. It was really nice, but also really bright!

See how tall the tree is? It almost touched the chandelier. Almost.

What chandelier? This chandelier. With stars, lots of glass/crystal, and lots of gold! And lots of lamps. Simply said, it was astonishing, due to its vast size. It's not very often that one will see such a large chandelier!

Doesn't the tree and the chandlier look great together? In this shot, you really can see how big that chandelier is. I bet there will be lots of "WOWs" going on during opening night. That chandelier was awesome! And probably very, very expensive too.

Nearby to the Terry Fator Theatre was the conference center zone, which was again, also very amazing. Whites, beiges, marble, and the light touches of green make this area look great! If they changed the carpet, it might look even better.

Yes, there are also some places to sit as well. Good for the people who need to talk after their meeting in the conference rooms!

And here is a centered shot of the conference hall. Several of these flower pots were around the hall, all in the middle on a table.

To the sides, there were also some nice pottery and other intriguing things. This was a large, detailed ceramic bowl!

And, we are off to the Roasted Bean, which had some really nice food items which were simply gigantic, as well as a wide selection of coffees. Our friend had a regular coffee and the result was really good! Plus, it wasn't really overpriced compared to some places, which doesn't occur that often in a hotel.

But the most interesting part of this place are all the teapots that they display! And on the top of the walls, there are names of coffees and teas, which well, is interesting. Here are some more shots of the

Hope you enjoyed the last part of this review!

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Selba said…
What a beautiful theater! Terry Fator is an amazing talented person.

I'm a really big fan of him... How wish that I could watch his performance or at least get his DVD or book :)
EatTravelEat said…

It was very beautiful and made a big impression compared to other theatres in Las Vegas. Sadly, I didn't get to see him perform, but it's opening this month! :) Someone may have news on it.