Friday, April 3, 2009

May Mei Take Out

On weekdays, or even weekends, sometimes you just don't have the energy or time to cook for dinner. Or, you may just want to eat at home instead of eating out. And so, what is an option you have? Takeout is one of them.

And take-out at May Mei is good. It's definitely fresh, as it is cooked when you call them to place your order. And it definitely beats some steam table places where they leave the food out for hours. Gross.

You can ask for simple items or really complicated items. This E-mein noodle came with a brown sauce loaded with mushrooms and veggies, and then a container of broth. You would then mix everything together and happily eat. Personally, I think this would have tasted better with less broth and more of the sauce. It got a bit bland with so much broth!

For a simple veggie course there are always peatips available, and May Mei cooks them pretty well. They are not too crisp and are properly seasoned.

A easy to make, but very delicious rice plate is tomato with beef on rice. Big wedges of tomato, layers of onions, and sliced beef are mixed all together in a very tasty tomato gravy, and is topped onto a bed of steamed rice. It's one of my favorite rice plates here at May Mei :).

Another good rice plate is scrambled eggs with beef on rice. It's pretty simple- wispy pieces of scrambled egg, sliced beef, and green onions mixed together in a gravy, and then topped on a bed of rice.

Fu Zhou Fried Rice comes with many different meats- including fish, scallop, and shrimp, as well as veggies like mushroom and peas. Everything is combined under a flavorful brown gravy, and is topped on a bed of rice which has been fried with scrambled egg.

"Lat Mei Bou Zai Fan" - Preserved Meat Hot Pot Rice

Chicken and Mushroom (with sausage) Hot Pot Rice

Now, what will happen if you order a hot pot rice which usually comes well, in a pot? Well, they take all the contents in the pot out- including the crispy pieces of rice. And then, they put a small cup of soy sauce on the side for you to pour. The taste is pretty similar to if you got it fresh.

All the ingredients are very good- the chicken is very smooth and silky and the preserved meats are flavorful and do not taste weird. All in all, pretty good way to bring hot pot rice for takeout :).

Wouldn't having one of the item's above be better than eating some frozen microwavable meal? After all, it is fresh and very flavorful, compared to some TV dinners out in the market these days.

May Mei
639 W Duarte Road
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 574-1318

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elmomonster said...

Why oh why aren't there places like this in O.C. I'd be there everyday!

EatTravelEat said...


They should branch out to the OC then :). After all, they have good business already being in Arcadia for so many years!