Sunday, December 27, 2009

EatTravelEat's Policies, Rules, and Things You Should Know

So, what is this post about? Look at the title :).

Eattraveleat's Review Policy

1. All the reviews I write have been paid for and not for free by friends, dining companions, and/or me. If the item/restaurant meal was free of charge, I will state so in my review.

2. Not all reviews are up to date to how it may be now. They are however up to date to the last date of visit at the restaurant/last date of trying out the product. As the saying goes, as times go on, things can and probably will change. Same goes with the subject about these reviews.

3. All reviews are opinion. Although I am usually unbiased, sometimes I am and you can probably tell! Two easy pointers: I dislike oily food and any food that has artificial coloring added that is not necessarily.

4. I do not believe in bashing a place, because simply you can never say a restaurant is awful due to the fact that the food did not taste good. What you hate, others may like. Bashing is MEAN, and more, useless. Sure, it may be more fun to read than "this item was not pleasing to me", but I do not want to hurt other peoples' feelings. I will only do so in a circumstance in which is very horrible, but even if that happens I will most likely not even write about it.

Commenting Rules:

As a commenter on this site, anything above PG rated material is not allowed, including your text and links you post in your comment. No spam or cuss words are permitted either. If you act like an advertisement with the fact that you haven't met me in person, then make an advertisement deal on my website with me first. Anything that does not follow this policy will be deleted.

Please make comments relative to the posting, and please feel free to ask questions. Comments are a conversation zone after all. I'm shocked hearing about other blogs saying they get so many questions via email, when I get pretty much none!

You are unwelcome to make a comment if you have cussed/linked with no reason with the fact I personally do not know you at all/given inappropriate links to the blog twice or more. Repetitive comments that are obviously SPAM will also be deleted, even if they do follow the above regulations.

And trying to link to another spammer of which whose comment might have not been deleted obviously tells me that person IS a spammer! :)

Screen Resolution:

The blog is best viewed on a resolution of 1200 pixels width or higher. On phones, the whole window will appear, but on smaller resolution screens, such as the 1024 by 768 pixel resolution or smaller, only part of the window will show, and scrolling to the right will allow you to view the posts in whole. I've fixed the part about the stuff being cut out so now you can use a small window, but you will now need to move left and right if you wish to see everything.

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