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Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (Spring)/ Check In Area- Las Vegas

Bellagio Exterior

*Side note: Enjoy this post, as the Gardens are going to be changing to the Summer theme after May 9! You'll have to wait to next year if you want to see this in person.

Coming back from the Wynn was not easy after a late lunch and shopping. We went to find gas and what was the only brand available? Rebel! Our GPS said they were all 76's, which they all used to be. Not wanting to waste anymore gas (we wanted to see if there really was a 76), we refilled up and went back to the Bellagio but got stuck in traffic yet again. 4 to 5 PM seems to be a busy hour in terms of traffic!

Overall Flowers, Planters, and Globes Center

After about 20 minutes later to travel the distance between the Airport to the Bellagio, we were finally back. Before we went to the VIP lounge to go back to our rooms though, we stopped by the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, as it was the perfect time to take photos! Beautiful lighting right then with a mix of shade and sun. After some pictures with my companions, I was off by myself to take some pictures, just like everyone in the area. Plenty of amateur photographers like me with D-SLR's (I counted about 10 during the afternoon), and plenty just taking group pictures as well. Some even took video with mini Flip video cameras!

Insects and Flowers

I was taking pictures of things close by to me (no walking needed), so to the left of me where I took the last photo were plenty of insects made with flowers and flowers themselves! Since they were all together I thought a group shot of them would be perfect. :)

Water Globe Flower Picture 1

However, I was attracted back to the same side with the water globes. Time to test out a slow shutter speed for smooth looking water!

Ants and Succulents

Next to the globe was a ant and plenty of beautiful succulents (as also seen at Pelican Hill). How much work would that have taken to plant! I love these plants but growing them is not easy. They are different compared to most plants!

Water Globe Flower Picture 2

I thought I would take another picture of the globe and here it is. That's why you see the same people (almost) as the picture before.

Potting Soil and Ant Picture 1

The next part of the gardens that I focused on was the area with a tipped pot with lots of soil and flowers. I was attracted to the big pot and the flowers at first, but then I was attracted to this:

Potting Soil and Ant Picture 2 with Water

Ooh! Water! Jumping from one end to another hole! It took me several tries to get the water into the picture but here you see it. Why did I not take a video of it? That's a question I will have to leave for next time!

Flowers and Butterflies Afternoon

I turned right and yet again there were more things to see. Like another more flowers and butterflies!


And of course, I just had to take a closeup of a ladybug. :)

Mushrooms and Ant

Turning right again there was yet another different scene, this time featuring dueling ants and colorful mushrooms.

Water Globe

And yet again I took another picture of the water globe! But this time, no long shutter speed.

Flowers in the Sun

A lady with a camera backpack and a Nikon with external flash was taking a closeup of flowers, so I followed suit and took a closeup of the flowers next to her. Doesn't this photo make you feel like the flowers are outside, not inside?

Snail and Waterfall facing VIP

And I finished up my 20 minutes of picture taking by pointing my camera at the VIP Lounge window. You saw the view from the VIP window, now you see the view to the VIP window. Nice either way, yes?


Here is yet another closeup this time devoted to the snail, adorned with beautiful roses.


The next morning, we came and noticed the beautiful green frog which I did not take a picture of the day before.

Garden Maintenance

At the morning hours, as I told you, the Bellagio employees do maintenance on their property, and I just caught them again taking care of their product. This time they were changing out plants.

Morning Work on Replacing Flowers

The other snail in the garden also received some new roses to make it look prim and proper for every tourist who would take a picture of or with it!

Check In Chihuly Glass

And after finding out the Buffet was not where I remembered it to be, we had to walk into the casino. I snapped a few pictures of the Chihuly glass "fans" before we went to have a nice high quality brunch for the price of breakfast!

Flowers and Fountain Nearby Check In Morning

After packing our bags and eating breakfast we left the Bellagio, but not before I took a few more pictures. Here you see the fountain towards check-in. A very beautiful fountain, as other people took pictures of family in the other direction facing the gardens.

Full View Spring Morning Picture 1

I tried taking a wide shot from the center which did not work out as I tilted the camera and was off center from the globe.

Full View Spring Morning Picture 2

And bye bye Bellagio! This was the last photo I took there for the trip. And that photo did not end up that great compared to the first one either. Don't worry, there is still a review on the rooms. That's after Aureole and the Buffet.

You can see professional photos of the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens on Bellagio's website.

Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (702) 693-7111

*And we mark off this day, April 7, 2010, as the highest number of visits yet (crossing the 200 mark) on Eat. Travel. Eat! Alexa, traffic is going up, not 60 percent down. :)

*And April 8, 2010, Mothers Day, brings us another record, crossing 300 visits. Wow!

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ET said…
Never thought I'd say it, but I'm missing Las Vegas a little. I used to come down here like clockwork every April for a conference; but the conference went virtual two years ago and I haven't been down since. Almost makes me want to brave the smoky casinos to see stuff like this again...

It is really sad - I never made it to the Spring exhibit and I was just at the Strip last weekend, bummer... this season is going too quickly! At least I enjoyed it vicariously through your images, as you noted. Loved your different close-ups of the globes, the poppies, the ladybug, and the frog. Those were my favourites.
EatTravelEat said…
That's Ron,

Well, these attractions are very nice! Thankfully the newer hotels have less smoky casinos now. Things are getting better for the most part!

Thanks! The seasons are going way too quickly. After a few more weeks half a year is already over!
Julia P. said…
hey:) new link:
EatTravelEat said…
Thanks for the link :). I like the paintings you did!