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Bellagio Review 2010: Tower Deluxe Queen Room on the 35th Floor

Bellagio Exterior

Hi and welcome back to the second part of the Bellagio rooms review. If you haven't read part 1 which is about the Penthouse Suite and would like to do so, please click HERE. As for now, we are moving on...


Overall View Tower Deluxe Room

My first overall view of this room was from the Penthouse Suite as I went through the connecting doors, but for most of you people you would probably just come in through the main door. After passing a wide walkway and the bathroom door, this is what you would see above.

First question when I saw the room: two queen beds? Previously, I had looked on Tripadvisor and we all agreed- Tower Deluxe rooms only come with a king bed. However, looking at the Bellagio website, they have connector rooms for Penthouse Suites, and those connector rooms are Tower Deluxe guest rooms- with 2 queen beds. So, if you look at the floorplans, we had the one bedroom penthouse + queen connector. And know you know that you can provide real evidence to say that yes, there is a queen option for a Tower Deluxe room.

Beds Tower Deluxe

This was actually the first photo I took of the room, but more focused on the beds. As you can see by the photo, there is also yet another iHome, writing pad, and telephone in the room like the Penthouse Suite. The cabinet houses phone-books, guides to the hotel, magazines, and the Bible like most hotels do.

Tower Deluxe Room Drawing 1

Tower Deluxe Room Drawing 2

Like the Penthouse Suite, the Tower Deluxe also has its own limited edition art, but by a different artist whose signature is:

Tower Deluxe Room Drawings Author

To the other side of the room, there are three things: the air conditioner adjuster, a small work table with a welcome letter to the Bellagio (just like the Penthouse Suite and not specially addressed to us unlike at the Pelican Hill), and lastly the main TV console:

TV Cabinet Tower Deluxe Room
(Distortion alert! Of course, this cabinet is a rectangular prism.)

The TV console is really the heart of the room. Of course, you know me. We all didn't like this dark wood console because we do not like dark items, as seen in my want for a bright room (And to those high school students: I am not being racist.). However, things are the way they are, and it was this piece of furniture where I found that the furniture is made by Cheng Meng in Singapore. Want to see for yourself? Open up the cabinets and find the sticker!

Like the Penthouse Suite, there was the same flat screen TV which had multiple TVB channels and Chinese channels. Good for those who watch it like me! We were thus able to stay updated on our favorite TVB shows and wake up to the familiar tones of Pleasure and Leisure, a morning talk show with cooking segments and talks about Hong Kong life.

Lint Remover, Shoe Brush, and Sewing Kit for Tower Deluxe Room

Below the TV were just storage cabinets, large enough to fit my backpack (OK, not a good example since my 2000 cubic inch backpack only had my laptop. Talk about a light load!).

Left Corner: Amoire of Tower Deluxe

In the large left cabinet, there was the minibar and glasses (again, no photo of the minibar), as well as the safe. As you see in the photo, it was very thin but very tall, and was large enough to fit a 17 inch laptop (not mine, as you probably know by THIS photo, a time warp back to 2006).

Right Corner: Amoire of Tower Deluxe

In the right cabinet there were the fluffy, soft, fur like robes, a iron, hangars, and the ironing board. As well as the two pairs of....

Bellagio Slippers

...slippers that were comfy and soft but had a furniture chemical smell to them as we found out after we put them in the washing machine at home. Something makes me wonder that the smell could have come from the wood, but in that case the slippers should have had no scent after being washed!

Tower Suite Bathroom Right

Moving on, here is part of the Tower Deluxe bathroom. It was definitely spacious unlike the Mirage, and had plenty to see. Like the Palazzo, it had a TV with a remote, a regular large tub, and plenty of toiletries.

Tub Toiletries Tower Deluxe Room

And like the Penthouse, they had the same toiletries available. As you can see here, there are the same bath salts, bath gel, luffa, and soap as in the ladies' bathroom.

Tower Deluxe Bathroom Left

To the left of the bathroom there is the toilet, sink, and the shower which I'll show you later. You also see me in my Tripadvisor hat, jacket, and my camera. :) Go away, mirror!


Like the bathrooms in the penthouse suite, the amenities were the same: shower cap, shave gel, shaving kit, toothbrush (+1), hairspray, lotion, mouthwash, the like. Unless you like your own stuff from home better, there really isn't a need to bring stuff! Although my companions did say these toiletries were not as good as some of the other hotels we have stayed at.

Full Set of Toiletries Tower Deluxe Room

As stated in the Penthouse Suite post, there were some fluctuations with housekeeping. On the second day after the second housekeeping came by to make the beds for nighttime, the tray looked like this.

Shower Tower Deluxe

What's missing from the entire picture? The shower of course. Unlike the Penthouse Suite this doesn't have a bench but is still made out of marble. Standard shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner are included just like in the Penthouse Suite.

Nighttime Tower Deluxe Room

The room does change a bit at night, as you can see. This is the room with most of the lights turned on. I'd say OK bright, but most hotels are only this bright, unlike Palazzo which is bright like a home should be.

Bellagio Fine Belgian Chocolates

The other plus you get are some chocolates! "Fine Belgian Chocolates." Made in Canada too. You also get these same chocolates in the Penthouse Suite. I just put the photos in this post only.

Bellagio Night Time Chocolates Detail

And inside are simply four squares of chocolate wrapped in the signature "B" of Bellagio. The rest of the box is a plastic tray which props up the four squares of chocolate. You only get this after turn-down service, and that depends on when they come! We didn't have any chocolate the first night since I was sick and no one came still even at 7PM. However, on the second night they came at an early 5PM and we got to see how they cleaned up our rooms.


Overall I would say this room was pretty good in terms of the features itself. It was a perfect guest room size, if a bit small since the chairs at the windows were blocking the way to the window and the air vent that you can open up at the window. The iHome and the TV were all very nice and so was the bathroom. Everything was designed nicely and cared for nicely. The only two negatives? 1. The beds, as they were lumpy and the foam was already lumpy and not supportive anymore. 2. The price. Why should I pay 199 for this room (219 is the standard rate) when I can get a room at the Palazzo which is definitely nicer and larger for the same price (rarely) or less (almost all the time)?

So, final conclusion: this room is great as a room connector. But, if you are only staying in a Tower Deluxe room and that is it, I would rather you spend your money at the Palazzo or Encore or upgrade to a suite at the Bellagio with Executive lounge access. Otherwise, spending this much when for just a bit more you can get a much improved experience simply isn't worth it. Save the money and spend it for a room upgrade, or a meal at a nice restaurant like Aureole!

Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (702) 693-7111

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P.S. This post is written on Father's Day for 2010.