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Santa Monica Beach Walk-around


After a pleasant lunch at the Lobster, we headed off from the Lobster to walk around the area. Why waste a double digit parking ticket and just use that parking spot for about two hours?


We noticed the mountains in a distance while at the Lobster, and that view only got better heading outside.


Like birds flying across the sky. Plus for flying close to the ground too.


And back to normal again. And if you are wondering why this photo looks so different, it is because I edited it. :)


Walking away from the Lobster, the length of the Santa Monica pier started to appear.


And the mountains started to look clearer and closer.


And closer.


Meanwhile, we also played catchup with a cargo ship riding on the waves. Who would be faster?


Getting farther from the Pier, we could still hear the sounds of the roller coasters and people screaming.

And in just a few minutes, the cargo ship had moved quite a bit from where we first left off.


We decided to visit the beach next, and thus we walked down a very nice set of curved stairs to cross this bridge. As always in photography, you don't always get the same chance again to take the same picture. A few seconds later, people were walking across the bridge from the other side.


Crossing the bridge, we were on top of a freeway! However, fences blocked part of the view. Still, it was still nice to see. It is not everyday where you can be on top of a freeway. :)


A nice long tine of lamps greeted us as we walked down another set of stairs to walk to the beach.


On the hot sand, there was a very nice view of Santa Monica from a lower altitude as well as the faraway mountains.



The sand trails left by vehicles on the beach also made for an interesting sight to see. And of course, the photo above of the detailed sand is altered.


Walking back it was time to go back up the stairs again. Since this time no one was coming down or up I took my time to take a picture.

Santa Monica Pier Sign 1

And of course, the visit was not complete without taking yet another picture of the sign. Nor was it complete without someone saying, "Welcome to Santa Monica! The best place in the world!"

Santa Monica Pier Sign 2

And nor was it complete without bubbles floating all over the street!

What did we do afterwards? Just visiting the Keyboard Concepts store to window shop at expensive pianos. That trip wasn't successful as there were barely any Bosendorfers (1, and sold) or Steinways (2) or Schimmels (2), in contrast to their other stores with a wide range of all of these brands. At least the drive to there was pretty nice, driving by many corporate buildings like MTV and Universal.

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elmomonster said…
What a nice day trip! It's been too long since I went to LA proper. Seeing your pretty pics make me want to come up again...if it weren't so dang hot!
EatTravelEat said…
Yeah...too hot already! Don't want to go anywhere LA now unless there is something going on. Only thing I know of is a movie showing. :)
dining table said…
Looks like that you have a great walking. All your photos are so good. You are a good photographer. I think that place is on the game grand theft auto. I hope someday I can visit that amazing place.
Kimberly said…
I honestly think that Santa Monica is a dream place. I see the bridge, the beach and the cute houses I just wanna move in there. The only comparable thing are the apartments in Buenos Aires which are also as beautiful and classy as these.