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Shaab Japanese Cuisine- Pasadena: Visit #2

Shaab Exterior

After quite a while on new restaurants and places, here is a update on Shaab Japanese Cuisine, where I haven't written about for a year already. Since we were visiting Pasadena, we might as well have some lunch first before completing the it was off to Shaab!

Interior 1
Interior 2

Since it was already late by the time we got there for lunch, the restaurant was emptier than usual. It happened to also be the right time for a Pasadena health inspector to check out the restaurant and refresh the Pasadena health rating!

Free Range Chicken Teriyaki and California Roll

We tried some new items this time around. One dining companion ordered the Chicken Teriyaki and California Roll (8.90 USD).

California Roll

I didn't try the California roll but it looked quite tasty. :)

Chicken Teriyaki

As for the chicken teriyaki the sauce had a nice mirin flavor and was not too sweet, and the chicken was nicely tender and grilled not too a char.

Broiled Black Cod Fish, Chawanmushi, and Salad

My other dining companions ordered the Broiled Black Cod Fish, Chawanmushi, and Salad (8.90 USD).

Broiled Black Cod Fish

The fish serving was more generous compared to last year, and was smooth and delicious. Serving size was probably bigger, as there was only chawanmushi (good as always), and a...


...plate of salad, which in total came out a dollar cheaper than if you had tempura and sashimi along with the cod instead.

Makunouchi Bento 1

Makunouchi Bento 2

I ordered the Makunouchi Bento (12.80 USD). There was no description, so what could it include for one of the priciest items on the menu? There was a lot! Beside the miso soup and rice, there was...


Chawanmushi, which had a savory smooth egg mixture as well as various seafood in the bottom.

Broiled Frsh

Broiled fish (possibly mackerel?), which was very robust in flavor like a corvina fish at BCD Tofu House.


Tempura, which was all nice and crispy, accompanied by a steaming hot and savory tempura sauce which was based off of soy sauce and dashi. There was quite a variation in ingredients from shrimp to green beans, carrot, and sweet potato.

Tamago, Seaweed, Pork, Lotus Root, Dumpling

The next box seemed to have more items similar to bento accompaniments. There was pork belly which was braised in a soy mixture like in the Chinese style, a fried meat dumpling I have never had before, tamago which was eggy, smooth, and sweet, seaweed which was tender and lightly marinated, and crispy lotus roots that were quite interesting!


Then there were a few slices of sashimi which were all quite tasty and fresh. Salmon, tuna, and yellowtail, if my guess is correct.


Lastly was some fried eggplant which was topped with ponzu and minced daikon and green onions. Creamy, slightly pungent, and citrusy, it was a delicious take on eggplant!

Overall, another good experience at Shaab! Definitely visit if you are nearby the area or don't live too far away for a tasty lunch with shabu shabu and other options.

Shaab Japanese Cuisine
7 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103
Tel: (626) 683-1150

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Unknown said…
oh sashimi come to mama~ well maybe 6 mths later...
elmomonster said…
All of that for $13? That's an insane bargain. Pity it's so far away. I'd be on that like white on rice!
EatTravelEat said…
Mochachocolata Rita,
Haha, I bet you'll be writing an extravagant sashimi post then!

Yeah, great bargain! Well, if you lived in LA then it'd be close. Or visit DTF and visit here. :)