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Mini Reviews

Short blurbs on places that might/might not get a review done with.

Breeze- Los Angeles, CA
For lunch, the restaurant offers a decent selection of salads, sandwiches/burgers, sushi, and other seasonal items. I tried out the sweet corn chowder (8 USD), which was creamy and sweet, filled with plenty of corn niblets, peas, diced carrots, and diced celery. It went well along with the bread basket of parmesan crisps and mini baguettes. For the entree, I tried the seared ahi salad (22 USD), which offered four slices of seared ahi placed on a bed of greens and the same seaweed salad that I tried at HMart. Heirloom tomatoes and sprouts rounded out the rest of the dish. I felt that the salad was on the sweet side (especially after reading that the salad was dressed in a ponzu vinaigrette) but nevertheless it was of a good quality.

This review will not have its own post since I did not bring my camera for pictures, but unlike some of the reviews on this page, this review is of a positive nature. The servers were friendly and professional and the food on spot for the location (next to multiple office buildings) and price range.

Breeze (Hyatt Regency Century Plaza) on Urbanspoon

101 Noodle Express- Arcadia, CA
Replaces Nice Time Deli. No writeup on this place as my dining companions were not happy about this place and so was I. However I did try out some of the items: The dumplings were large and juicy- I had the fish and a meat and scallop dumpling. The fish was cooked nicely and had a hint of ginger. Scallops dominated the other dumpling, but the scallop had a bit of a fishy flavor- not good. Chive and Egg boxes (jiu cai he zi) were fried, and thus I did not like it very much. Noodle House's rendition (now closed) is still the best.

Liang's Village Cuisine- Arcadia, CA (CLOSED, replaced by Opus Sushi)
Replaced a Japanese restaurant- right next door to 101 Noodle Express. Again, no writeup but I did try some items: The beef noodle soup's broth was very oily and not very beefy like Mandarin Noodle Deli, but the beef was well cooked. Noodles (both the thick and the thin) were chewy, but I preferred the thin noodles better as the thick noodles were not as chewy. Beef wraps (niu rou juan bing) were okay, abeit a bit too salty. Very one dimensioned in flavor. I would have liked more cilantro/green onion. Beef was tender and slightly warm, but it was pretty salty. The pancake was very oily, but otherwise an okay dish.

Pioneer Point Buffet and Grill-Monrovia (CLOSED, replaced by Zen Buffet- Monrovia)
It replaced Romano's Macaroni Grill in Monrovia. Not long afterwards, Zen Buffet replaced it.

Old commentary: Food is OK- nice light (factory like) desserts and BBQ selection. Get what comes out at the time if possible- especially in the Chinese section (very nice when fresh (Chinese owner and chef at work), not so much when it has been sitting out)! There's better stuff out there but if you are the person who likes fried stuff and "comfort food"/American food you'll enjoy it. Lacking in veggies though, in which nearby Souplantation excels at! Last comment: don't take pictures of the interior or the buffet area.


Protocol Snow said…
101 Noodle Express is apparently most well known for their niu rou juan bing. That's what I've heard, I haven't actually been there.
EatTravelEat said…
Protocol Snow,
Yep, I heard that too! This post is actually just old information posted on the sidebar. :) Maybe I'll visit 101 Noodle Express someday soon but it seems like they are constantly advertising these days which doesn't sound good in terms of food! But there are plenty of just might be due to their promotions.