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Hong Kong Kitchen- San Gabriel

Hong Kong Kitchen Exterior

Hong Kong Kitchen fits the bill for a traditional Cantonese and vegetarian friendly restaurant located in the San Gabriel area. The restaurant proclaims that they do not use MSG and that their foods contain low sodium and sugar. People who tend to eat heavily seasoned foods will as a result find the food "tasteless," but otherwise the food at Hong Kong Kitchen is quite healthy with a homemade taste.

Lights- Hong Kong Kitchen Interior

Inside, the design is somewhat modern with bold colors and a mix of soft and sharp lines. These lights are an interesting way to provide interest.

Braised Pork Brisket with Brown Sauce

I have not found this braised pork brisket in brown sauce (10.95 USD) elsewhere in the area. Maybe it is because the presentation is not as pretty as some other cuts of meat; however, it is quite tasty and salubrious. With a mix of sweet and salty, the meat is quite tender, yet still flavorful. What is also great about this dish is the abundance of soft cartilage-- it is great for the body and in this preparation, also extremely easy to chew.

Poached Bone-In Chicken in Ginger Sauce

We received a plate of poached bone-in chicken with ginger sauce (7.95 USD) with a discount; Hong Kong Kitchen usually offers a significant discount for this dish (either you only need to pay a dollar or it is free) when you order above a certain amount in food. This visit, the chicken was slightly sweet with a pleasant chew, but we wished that there was more chicken flavor.

Assorted Mushroom with Bean Curd Sheets and Fried Egg Tofu

A "flavorless" dish to most people would probably be this dish- fresh bean curd and fresh mushrooms with soft tofu. With plenty of mushrooms, bean curd, and fried tofu, it is great in terms of the quality and amount of the ingredients, but the flavor might be lacking to some; after all, the sauce is primarily flavored from the bean curd, mushroom, and salt.

Fresh Lotus Root and Mushroom with Kabocha Squash

Fresh lotus root and mushroom with kabocha squash (10.95 USD) is yet again another simply prepared dish, consisting of a melange of vegetables sauteed with garlic and salt. All the vegetables (other than the mushrooms and squash) were light, crisp, and tasty, if not under-seasoned.

Hong Kong Kitchen overall is a great option for those looking for a lighter and healthier Cantonese meal; with less seasoning used, Hong Kong Kitchen deviates from the usual chicken bouillon laden food in other Chinese restaurants. There are of course plenty of other options to choose from, as well as a lunch menu that is apparently a good deal. I'll need to check it out again in the future!

Hong Kong Kitchen
301 W. Valley Blvd #115
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Tel: 1-(626) 289-3300

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Anonymous said…
This place is a bit of a mystery right? The corner location is no bueno, but they've managed to survive for a long time.

I want to say it's the homeliest of the Canto joints in LA but... people seem to still enjoy it.

Also, have you seen their coupons?
EatTravelEat said…

It's somewhat of a mystery; they don't get very full, but there is definitely a steady rate of customers. The simplicity and comfort provided by the food is probably why people enjoy it! I have seen their recent coupons but what they just provide at the restaurant (e.g. the complimentary chicken in this post) is almost the equivalent.