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Day 6: Hong Kong Park- Central, Hong Kong


An advantage of staying at any hotel at Pacific Place (especially the Island Shangri-La and Conrad) is the proximity to Hong Kong Park. Hong Kong is a bustling city, and Hong Kong Park offers a calm environment in an area bustling with business activity.

Hong Kong Park Monument
Hong Kong Park Monument

Like the Expo Promenande, Hong Kong Park has its own host of various monuments. This monument commemorates the opening of Hong Kong Park, which opened in May 1991.

Restaurant Nutcrackers

With the holiday season, Hong Kong businesses seem to decorate profusely. One restaurant put out these nutcrackers along the stairs to the restaurant.


Besides the lush greenery, random art exhibits are placed in open spots. I don't really understand this particular one though; is this supposed to represent a community?

WO 2 John Robert Osborn VC Monument

Other monuments, like this one dedicated to WO 2 John Robert Osborn VC, are also in the park. Like most monuments, these reveal many details when one walks closer to glance and enjoy them.

Bank of China Tower

Hong Kong Park also offers some great views of the towering skyscrapers nearby. Lots of professional photographers have shot the Bank of China Tower from Hong Kong Park.

Park Encapsulated by the City

However, what is probably one of the main attractions in the park is this giant water feature. Here, one can enjoy the lush greenery while surrounding towers rise high above.

Fishes and Turtles
Fishes and Turtles
Fishes and Turtles

What is also great about the water feature/lake is that there are plenty of fishes and turtles to admire at; they will routinely rise up to the various walls surrounding the water area.


Living organisms are not just limited to the water feature though. As unexpected as it may seem in this metropolis, birds do exist in Hong Kong! I rarely noticed any other birds though while in Hong Kong!

Fountain Up
Pathway to the Fountain

Although how short the visit may be, walking around Hong Kong Park is enjoyable; the lush greenery and flowing water are aspects that allow people to relax while they visit. Happen to have some spare time like I did while in the area? Visiting Hong Kong Park is a great way to see a part of Hong Kong most people don't automatically relate with when they think of Hong Kong.

Read more about Hong Kong Park at Hong Kong Park Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

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