Sunday, May 27, 2012

St Regis Monarch Beach- Dana Point, CA: Hotel Review

St Regis Monarch Beach- Dana Point, CA: Exterior

In November we stayed at the St Regis Monarch Beach to compare and contrast it to our experience at Pelican Hill. Unlike Pelican Hill, we had gone to the St Regis in person previously, enjoying brunch at the Motif almost 10 years ago. This visit, not only did we visit Motif again, but also we made sure to tour most of the facility.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May's Cafe (May's Chinese Restaurant)- Arcadia, CA

May's Cafe- Arcadia, CA: Exterior

(Now that I've eaten a generous serving of AP Tots (the reason for my month's absence), I'm back to writing on a weekly basis!)

For years, I have wondered what was this "May's Chinese Restaurant" entry on my GPS; how could there be a restaurant in Arcadia that I did not still know about? It was only recently that I found out it was May's Cafe, an establishment that has been in Arcadia for years. With some special circumstances that began this year, May's Cafe suddenly became a restaurant with a prime location-- one ideal for me to try out their Taiwanese selections from a walking distance.

May's Cafe- Arcadia, CA: Counter

Inside, the restaurant is tiny-- there are less than 20 tables, and mirrors are used in an effort to enlarge the space. Still, the less than perfect surroundings, coupled with some KOST 103.5 radio and view of the street, add for a unusually relaxing way to end an otherwise busy week. The constant use of Mandarin may present a barrier for some, but eventually orders get through, and food is served.