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UCI 2012 Undergraduate Research Symposium + Noonerz

UC Irvine Undergraduate Research Symposium Booklet

Back in May, I attended the UC Irvine Undergraduate Research Symposium, an annual symposium featuring undergraduate research. Although I only attended the afternoon session, there was still much to see and to learn--I was unable to visit all the presenters' posters or oral presentations!

UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium Scene

This research symposium featured undergraduate research from the entire university, meaning that one could find research in computer science, engineering, humanities, biological sciences, and more in the same spot! There were also two parts: oral sessions, where presenters discussed their projects with projected presentation slides to a small audience in one room, and poster displays, where presenters discussed their projects next to their posters outside. The research was quite diverse; a few of these topics discussed at the symposium include home automation, car security, dorm design, autism, solar stove, literature, autism, chemically powered modeled cars, solar airplanes, and rockets. You can read the abstracts on the Symposium website, under participant list.

UC Irvine: Anteater on the Laptop

It was definitely a very worthwhile experience (and a worthwhile drive) to see the research completed by the students and to see them present their research! Next year's Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held on May 18, 2013.

(Go past the break to read about Noonerz!)

Noonerz Catering @ UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium: Cranberry Rules Turkey Sandwich Box

Besides the symposium itself and its wide array of research, research presenters and visitors also could take part in keynote speaker and lunch performances, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. For lunch, local catering company Noonerz had several selections of lunch boxes available, all of which included a sandwich, cookie, orzo pasta salad, and a bag of chips; beverages were also provided.

Noonerz Catering @ UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium: Cranberry Rules Turkey Sandwich Box

I chose the Cranberry Rules Turkey Sandwich, which has "oven roasted turkey, havarti cheese, homemade tart cranberry sauce, lettuce, and dijon mustard on sourdough baguette." The tart and sweet cranberry sauce, coupled with the fresh oven roasted turkey slices reminded me of thanksgiving dinner.

As for the other parts of the box, the pasta salad was decent (the pasta could have been cooked slightly less and was lightly flavored), and the chocolate chip cookie chewy, sweet, and tasty--a typical chocolate chip cookie, similar to that of Pippin but slightly firmer.

Noonerz Catering @ UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium: Our Favorite Turkey Sandwich

On the other hand, my friends all chose Our Favorite Turkey Sandwich, which has "oven roasted turkey, crisp bacon, avocado, onion relish, and mayonnaise on rosemary ciabatta." It came with the same components also, besides a switch to a crumbly, shortbread like sugar cookie instead of a chewy chocolate cookie.

Noonerz Catering @ UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium: Our Favorite Turkey Sandwich

Had I known about the ingredients inside the sandwich, I probably would have also gone for this sandwich. The avocado and caramelized onions made the sandwich memorable, and the rosemary ciabatta added even more flavor to the sandwich.

Overall, two very strong lunch boxes, even if the regular price may be a bit on the higher side (these were all complimentary to visitors and researchers). I definitely see why the Our Favorite Turkey Sandwich is listed number one on Noonerz's menu!

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