Monday, September 24, 2012

Trader Joe's Lemon Heart Cookies

Trader Joe's Lemon Heart Cookies: Front Packaging

Another visit around Trader Joe's led to another cookie discovery: Lemon Heart Cookies.

Trader Joe's Lemon Heart Cookies: Nutritional Infromation, Ingredients, and Description

The packing is interesting--clean and fancy--but the ingredients were also interesting. Almond meal? The enriched wheat flour could be swapped for a better ingredient, but considering the nature and pricing of the product, it's decent.
Trader Joe's Lemon Heart Cookies: Close-Up

Trader Joe's Lemon Heart Cookies were pleasant, and the description ("Delicately textured cookies with a hint of almond flavor and lemon icing") fit completely. The cookies could have been slightly moister (these were pretty dry), but were pleasantly sweet and lemony. By that, I mean that the cookies were not artificially lemony, but rather had a natural lemon flavor. The almond meal added additional texture, which I liked. I'd buy these again!

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