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Life has been busy and packed, but I have not forgotten about this blog! A full post will ensue hopefully by January or February next year, but for now some updates on events and information in the local area.

(Recent) Restaurant Openings:
Great Wheat Food (replaces Red Door Hot Pot)
Opus Sushi (replaces Liang's Village Cuisine)
Park Avenue Restaurant (replaces Hop Li Seafood Restaurant)
Shanghai Garden Asian Bistro (replaces Mandarin Chef)
Taza: A Social Coffee House (next to Young Dong Garden)

And a local event, happening tomorrow!

Arcadia FBLA's 6th Annual Benefit Concert:

Proceeds from this concert go to City Hall to fund the replanting of trees in Arcadia that were lost during last year's windstorm! Help support a cause and enjoy great music and entertainment!

Doors will open at 6:30 PM; there is also a 30 minute meet & greet after the concert.

Performers list:

Special Guests:
“Us” – Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae
Fung Bros
USC Sirens
CAFBLA State President Cameron Khansarinia

Calvin Huang & Jane Lu

Student Performers:
Matt Ormseth, Willy Liang, Justin Park, Aamir Uddin, Steve Burstyn, & Ryan Sales
Alana DeBlase
Eric Gao, Ming Guo, Jeffrey Wu, Warren Huang, Taylor Jensen, Rod Gomez, Mary Guyer, & Edward Chao
Rod Gomez, Jeffrey Wu, Ming Guo, Edward Chao, & Frank Zhou
Nicole & Michelle Kim
Christina & Kim Liang
Albert Chen, Dande Wang, Ryan Cheung, Brandon Chang, Joseph Chong, & Wesley Yang
Max Chen, Mark Wada, & Jonathan Chu
Carrie Zhang
Warren Huang, Cat Hang, & Howard Huang

Happy holidays!