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VIP Lounge (The Mirage Hotel and Casino)- Las Vegas, NV

VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Exterior

In a a wall of frosted glass and an exterior from the Mirage's French Polynesian theme (now being transformed to a simple, modern feel with dark colors and pinks) sits the Mirage's VIP lounge, situated between the check in area and the main port cochere's entrance into the hotel.

Like the Bellagio's VIP lounge, it sits unadorned with any signage outside, but unlike the Bellagio, is marked on the hotel maps with VIP. And after closing time (approximately 9pm), there is a sign stating that the VIP lounge is closed.

VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Interior Panorama

The inside of the Mirage VIP lounge is small and intimate. The check in area, encased in white marble and topped with chandeliers, dominates as one walks inside to the lounge. This aspect--brought due to the smaller square footage of the lounge--however, detriments people from actually staying inside the lounge during their stay, for throughout the day, the check in area is busy with people checking in, only to be a small distance away from the rest of the lounge. Furthermore, after the first visit, one is frequently asked to present their special room keys before sitting down in the lounge.

For those checking in/out, this sitting area provides a sense of arrival-- a convenience to sit down and enjoy a few beverages before heading elsewhere. For us, we were able to check-in through the Mirage's Suite Life package, but those with adequate MLife (MGM Resort International's players card) ranking can also access the lounge. We overheard quite a number of people who had their rooms complimentary!

VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Seating Area The main sitting area at the right side of the lounge

VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Tableside
Small sitting areas located to the left and right of the main entrance

VIP Lounge (The Mirage Hotel and Casino)- Las Vegas, NV: Flower Arrangement
Flower arrangements at coffee tables

Regardless of the check in area, the VIP lounge is pleasantly decorated. Compared to the changing nature of the rest of the hotel, which is removing most of the previous complicated design elements for simplicity, the VIP Lounge still combines the complication with modern elements. Dark crown molding and detailed cabinetry pair up with modern, clean furniture for a classy place to be.

VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Monkey Decoration
A monkey sculpture located next to the beverages, replaced with a champagne bucket during evening hours

Foodwise, there was nothing on offer, in contrast to the Bellagio's plentiful offering of pastries, fruits, and other food items that change throughout the day. The Mirage's VIP lounge only offered beverages.

VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Coffee and Hot Water
VIP Lounge @ The Mirage Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV: Teas and Bonne Maman Honey

Hot water, decaffeinated coffee, and regular coffee were provided on silver urns, while to the left resided Starbucks flavoring syrups, Bonne Maman honey, sugar, creamer, and Tealeaves teas.

Below, in the fridges, resided Mlife labeled plastic water bottles, an ice machine, half and half for coffee, juices made from concentrate (USFoods Orange, Treetop Apple, and cranberry), aluminum cans (not glass, unlike the Bellagio) of soft drinks (Sprite, Coco-Cola, and the like), as well as beer (Stella Artois, Miller Lite, and a Miller premium beer).

Red wine and champagne (Moet) were available during the evenings, with employees helping customers to pour each into their respective glasses.

Overall, it's a small, cozy place to rewind when arriving at the Mirage, recharge before heading elsewhere, and supply oneself with drinks as needed. Some snacks would be a welcome addition, though!

The Mirage Hotel and Casino
3400 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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