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McDonald's China: Sweet Taro Pie

McDonald's China: Taro Pie

One of the items that I always make sure to get when visiting McDonald's in Asia is the Sweet Taro Pie (in China, 2 for 9 RMB).
McDonald's China: Taro Pie
McDonald's China: Taro Pie

There are several differentiators to McDonald's China pies:
1. As its outer appearance suggests, it is a fried, not baked product. Thus, the exterior is fragrant and crispy, while the interior of the dough is tender, slightly chewy and elastic.
2. The flavor! Taro, pineapple, and banana were the flavors I saw while I was on my trip, but all of these flavors are not available in the United States.

Taste wise for the sweet taro pie, it all comes together: a lightly sweet, tender taro filling with an slightly savory exterior and chewy interior covering. It isn't particular heavy either, for the taro filling consists of pieces of taro in a sweet purple colored syrup; you are not eating mashed taro in each bite, but rather a more fluid filling with the fried pastry dough.

McDonald's China: Taro Pie

No, it might not be the healthiest dessert around, but the combination of fried dough and sweetened taro filling is a tasty treat. Try it out!

Multiple Locations
Visited Location: Wangfujing, Beijing, China

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