Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Javan Restaurant- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA

Javan Restaurant- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA: Exterior

Established in 1986, Javan Restaurant is a Middle Eastern restaurant located on the Westside focusing on Persian food. 

Javan Restaurant- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA: Interior 

Inside, the environment was decidedly upscale, with a bar, a white grand piano, stone tables, wood accents, and plenty of pictures adorning the walls. All the waiters, moreover, were dressed quite formally with dress shirts and ties.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Arts District), CA

Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Arts District), CA: Exterior

We've greatly enjoyed our past visits to Larchmont's Cafe Gratitude, and so we were glad to hear that Cafe Gratitude has also opened up in Downtown's Art District--making a for a shorter drive to enjoy their creative vegan and organic foods.

Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Arts District), CA: Interior

The Arts District location takes more of a light colored approach (instead of an emphasis on turquoise), with white chairs and benches, grey walls, yellow chairs, green plants, and woods throughout the entire location. It's also much larger than the Larchmont location--we made reservations, given Cafe Gratitude's general popularity and dineLA, but found out that the restaurant was less than half full when we entered.

Unlike some of the Yelp reviews about this location, service was great right from the moment we entered the restaurant. We were happily guided to our table, our waiters noted the dineLA menu and dinner specials, checked up on us to make sure we were ready to order (took a while given the many options!), and noted their "question of the day," for which our visit was, "What inspires you?"