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New Redesign!

For the ones who haven't noticed it yet, I've changed my blog to have three columns! I used the Minima lefty stretch for the blog so it wouldn't cut off the photos (previews said so). It involved some personal adjustments (so that everyone will be able to see the gigantic photobucket photos). I like this three column layout, and learned a lot in the process. Want to know how it went? Here you go:

-Both sidebar columns are to the right!!! Plus, the farthest right is WAY below everything. Hidden???
-Uh oh. Now everything is to the left!
-What? Both are overlapping each other. Why? (wonder how it would look if I put something in the column currently empty)
-Okay- photos are cut off right now.
-If you change the width percentage it will do many things. A slight adjustment, and my blog postings went all the way to the right instead of center.
-Perfect fit~ 20%, 53.5%, and 20% for the widths fit the blog perfectly!
-Uh...not everything responds to the stretch capability. Like phones (I tried it). At least computers work though!

And for those who haven't been to the blog from the end of Friday, I've added a new header that I did in Photoshop. Grass brush and gradient used, as well as a line and text.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Mirage postings are not done yet, and any new edits will not appear at the top of the site as the "Starting" point is earlier than this post. Which also explains why our Green Island post (the first one) was WAY in the back when I did so many other new posts :). I started putting photos beforehand but never posted it until later on.

Have a good weekend! Still in the process of writing and putting in photos for the Mirage postings.