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Yogurtland: Arcadia

Some Yogurtlands are so-so. Over Irvine, some UCI students have said this: it is cheap and not tasty. We've tried the UCI Yogurtland, only to find it really was just "so-so". The strawberry yogurt is definitely the one to avoid; it tasted very artifical and also was so icy. Our visit in Irvine was pretty much bad. Too icy. Not flavorful. And not at all creamy. Like some photos on Biggest Menu have shown, some of the yogurts were VERY watery looking and tasted meh.

Recently, the Arcadia Yogurtland opened (which we are talking about today :) ), which means it is now the newest yogurt place in Arcadia, and the fourth place in ONE block to open for a yogurt place. Previous renter of the place was a spa place, and so, they really had to gut out this place and change it! It took almost half a year to do so, and Pingo yogurt closed its doors when Yogurtland was about to open. So, Yogurtland is now the third place in the block. Main competitor? Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt which is in Life Plaza, which basically is just a steps away from a brick wall you can cross over.

Now, Tutti Frutti has been here for a while. And being smart, it offers also hot drinks and hot food, as well as dessert soups. The yogurt, for a while, was one of our go to places for yogurt. After all, it was the cheapest at 35 cents per ounce, which isn't overpriced at all. But, we are not here today to eat there. We are here, to eat Yogurtland.

Before I go on talking about Yogurtland, let's also talk about other favorites. The student/teacher local favorite in the area seems to be Cherry on Top and Pinkberry. Students always say, "I LOVE Cherry on Top. Let's go there now!!!" But no, the coupons ask you to get 10 ounces then get another 10 ounces free...which for us is a little much. Teachers say, "Pinkberry is good. The copycats just aren't like Pinkberry. Pinkberry tastes like "Korean yogurt." Our opinion on Pinkberry? Pretty good! Creamy, a bit icy, and the ingredients are very fresh. The yogurt tasted like the yogurt you get in Asia for some reason. But again, we are not here to talk about either Cherry on Top or Pinkberry. It is about Yogurtland!

And so, here we are at Yogurtland. At the outside, there are groups of students eating frozen yogurt, as well as many 20-30 year old people talking and eating frozen yogurt too. In the inside, it is a well, different story.

As we enter, we see a mom and daughter buying 4 cups of yogurt in to go packages with clear lids on top. It is a LOT of yogurt!!! The total rings up to 13 or so dollars. But why so much? Apparently, the parent likes this place. She said that the people here are REALLY friendly. And they are! The staff can speak different languages, including English and Chinese. They also serve their customers with a smile. Whenever we asked for something they responded enthusiastically. I hope this happens later on as the shop gets more traffic.

We notice other things, including a water machine with strawberries jumping and floating around. The space is very long; and to the right are yogurt cups. They are truly GIGANTIC. I mean, Tutti Frutti has large cups already, and the regular small cup is actually smaller than Yogurtland. Yogurtland only has a big size cup, and then a cup that is basically almost like getting a quart of yogurt. We didn't see that in Irvine!

Before we started to pump the frozen yogurt, we also looked at the toppings, which were very fresh looking, also unlike some places. And then, we asked for sample cups, being new to this location.

We tried many flavors, in which some were better than others. Here's a sample of the flavors that didn't end up in the final cup:
Coffee- tasted more like the powder mix that you get, but still pretty much coffee flavor. Very creamy, not firm or icy.
Taro- Better than Tutti Frutti. Not that milky, more "taro-y". But still, recognizable as from a powder mix. Creamy, not firm or icy.
Mango Tart- Tasted more like mango candy than real mango. More firm, not as creamy.

And after about a few minutes of sampling, we were ready to pick the final cup of yogurt! Haha. Here is our final display of yogurt. I wanted to make swirls, but prior experience has always told me that it always ends up being mixed with the other yogurts. And when that happens, it doesn't taste great. For example, the strawberry from UCI's Yogurtland then spread onto the plain yogurt, making it taste horrible! Got tired of eating it. :(

So, I did lines of yogurt near the ends of the cups, and I added 5 flavors in, which I haven't done before in these yogurt by ounce places.

Now you may be wondering: how did these flavors taste like? Pretty good for the most part. Here's the explanation of my flavor experiences:

Chocolate- very chocolate-y and creamy! Also rich, but not ultra rich so that you didn't want to eat any more (which has happened at some places). Recommended.
Green Tea- Has the green tea flavor, but it isn't "in your face" feeling. A little milky and sweet, and it wasn't firm, but creamy and more soft. Color definitely wasn't added; after all, green tea is usually a shade of pale green/yellow and not a sharp green. Very, very similar to green tea ice cream- and almost just as strong. Fubuki green tea ice cream is very similar to Yogurtland's green tea.
Blueberry Tart- had a lot of the blueberry flavor! Not too sweet, and it was not too creamy and soft, but not hard and firm either.
Pineapple Tart- Pineapple-y. Not too sweet either, and a bit creamy, but mainly had the sour of the pineapple and the slight iciness.
Original Tart- Pretty tart! And pretty icy too. A little bit milky. Similar more to stuff like Yalcult and the frozen yogurt drinks, but not sweet compared to those.

The toppings table was pretty chock full of stuff. There were fruits, cereal powders, cereals, dried stuffs, candies, cookies, and sauces. I got a little bit of mochi and a few pieces of cookie dough.

Interesting tidbit: at the toppings table, I found 2 types of mochi. One had more powder. The other had less powder, but looked more dry, similar to the UCI Yogurtland. I got the one with more powder, and it was soft and chewy, but not hard chewy like what I got at UCI. That also got sickening after a while. This mochi though, even after eating several, tasted just as good as it started. And it wasn't ultra sweet either. Good job!

Another topping was the cookie dough, which was basically flattened pieces of cookie dough that kind of got dried up. However, as you bit into it, you could taste the coarser texture of the dough as well as the chocolate chips. Pretty good, but I wished that the pieces could be bigger, and not as dry.

And so, that is the yogurt. But what else is special about this place? The spoons! Yes, I said it. The spoons are special.

Unlike some places which just give you a standard, bendy white plastic spoon, Yogurtland gives polycarbonate spoons that you would get on Cathay Pacific's economy class these days or Air New Zealand's business class when you couldn't have silverware. The difference though was that it was clear, and you could have a pink or green spoon (which follows their color choice of green tiles and purple pink logo/ machine). This time, the server gave me a green spoon. And if you have seen by my ads and header, I like green. :)

Negatives on this place? Well, there is no place to sit. All the competitors in the block have at least 3 tables to sit at. At Yogurtland, you don't really have a place to eat the yogurt, although the space could have allowed for it. Maybe they will add it later.

For now though, this is one of the better spots in the area to get yogurt! Our friend likes it more than Tutti Frutti. Plus, this place costs the least at only just 30 cents per ounce. Yes, you could get yogurt for about 20 cents a ounce if you have the coupon at Cherry on Top, but for those who don't want to eat that much yogurt though, this is a good deal.

Who ate at a Yogurtland before?

Elmomonster of Monster Munching did at both the Fullerton and a Irvine Location. Which prompted me then to try out this company's products :).

633 W. Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007
Sun - Thurs: 11 AM-11PM
Fri - Sat: 11 AM- Midnight

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P.S. Yogurtland is now no longer the newest Yogurt place in town. Nubi Yogurt at the mall is.


Selba said…
Love yogurt... this is definitley very different than in Indonesia because our is still the traditional yogurt (not like ice cream).

Interesting that there're so many kind of flavour and yay! green tea? then there's mochi?

Wonder how polycarbonate spoons look like.
Pirikara said…
Ahoy! I added you to my friend list! =)
EatTravelEat said…
Yeah, frozen yogurt is very different! And yogurt in America in general seems to be different too.

I'll take the photo of my plastic spoons and put them on the net :).


Thanks for the add!
EatTravelEat said…

I just added the plastic spoons pic onto the blog. Hope you like it!
Selba said…
Thanks for you effort to add the picture of the spoon and also to compare with the other spoons.

Nice spoons... btw, if your favourite color is green, mine is red, pink and blue.. too many? hehehe...
EatTravelEat said…
You're welcome! I like other colors as well. Too many to count too!
elmomonster said…
I like how you analyzed the spoons! I too have a collection of Yogurtland spoons. I can't bear to throw them away. They're great for eating store bought ice cream!
EatTravelEat said…

Thanks! The Yogurtland spoons as well as the other spoons like it are so high of a quality that I wouldn't want to throw them away. I use it with eating frozen yogurt's not frozen counterpart: yogurt!