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Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh is well, another different "Fresh Mexican Grill" place. Unlike Chipotle though, the food is not made right in front of your face, but they do prepare it when you order. In addition, another plus is unlimited salsa, which Chipotle doesn't have. Also, there are free warm tortilla chips that come with your meal. It's something nice to munch on while you wait.

What is this, you ask? All you see right now is a burrito with a slightly flaky, crisped up flour tortilla on the outside.

Cut! Cut! Goes the plastic knife, and this is what greets you after stacking the now 2 piece burrito. What is it? Well, it's the grilled chicken cabo cobb burrito, which although seems like it is gone forever (well, you can't find it online), is still available at the Monrovia location. It is basically a very hearty salad that has well, become into a burrito. Lettuce, black beans, avocado, cojita & jack & cheddar cheeses (used sparingly), pico de gallo, and lots of flavorful grilled, but not charred chicken are then nicely wrapped in a big flour tortilla which is slightly flaky and crisp on the outside. What else can I tell you? It's good. And for the three times I've visited Baja Fresh, I've always gotten this item. And that was when this item was new all the way to now. I know it isn't authentic, but it tastes good the way it is. For 5.95, it's a good deal, but costs more than Chipotle. But hey, you get unlimited salsa and some chips here. And we got a ton of pico de gallo which was chockful of fresh diced tomatos, onions, and peppers which pretty much offset that extra cost.

Q from Brand Eating also did a review on this exact same product, and Q deemed it as good and worthy of "eating again". So there. Two good opinions on this Grilled Chicken Cabo Cobb Burrito.

Steak Fajita was another item we had this visit. I tasted the steak and it had a slightly smoky flavor and also had veggies in the bottom. To the side were guacamole, tomato, sour cream, spanish rice, and black beans with a sprinkle of cojita cheese. Also, the foil packet next to the plate included several flour tortillas so you could make a taco.

Mango Chicken Chipotle Salad, the last item we had for this visit, was served in a tostada bowl that had romaine lettuce, chicken, avocado, Cotija cheese, mango salsa, and a chipotle glaze on the chicken. It was also served with a side of chipotle vinegrette. Unfortunately, this was slightly disappointing as there was just way too little mango! I mean, if you are going to call it a "Mango Chipotle Chicken Salad", you better have lots of mango. But looky here. The mango salsa pretty much could only fill up probably only half of that plastic container in the back. Sorry Baja Fresh, but this was a bit skimpy! Plus, the mango didn't look golden yellow. It looked more like the shade of lemonade plus a tad of orange.

Otherwise though, everything was great. The avocado was fresh, the chicken flavorful, and the whole salad was pretty good and satisfying.

And overall, this trip was yet again another satisfying visit. Mmm goes the lips. Remember to also get those coupons that usually come in the mail or in the Sunday Los Angeles Times though! They can save you a TON of money!

Baja Fresh -Monrovia, CA
943 W. Huntington Drive
Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 305-9260
(626) 305-0413 fax

Who else ate at a Baja Fresh?
Q from Brand Eating tried their Grilled Chicken Cabo Cobb Burrito and had a positive view on it.


Selba said…
Looks so delicious!!! *drooling*

Eh... I don't really get it with the logo thing. What's wrong with showing the logo since you are already mentioning the name and address of the company?
EatTravelEat said…
Selba, was delicious! Probably going again soon...

For the logo thing, name and addresses are fine- but the logo is something different! It's kind of like how some people have to mask out the a competitor's logo when they make their own advertisement which features the other brand. Many examples in the US- like Audi and Lexus for right now for Audi's Q5 commercial. Lexus's logo got replaced by a brand made up by Audi. Pretty much that's the reason why...
Anonymous said…
i was so happy when baja fresh finally came to the east coast. i love it... the salsa bar is a fave.