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The Palazzo 2008 Review Part 3: The 44th floor views


Welcome to the last part of my Palazzo 2008 review! This part will be mainly photos and will showcase the great view we had from the high floors which we requested for.

If you haven't read the previous parts of this review yet, you can read them here:

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And onward to part 3, the views!

If you have read Part 2, which was on the Suites, you would know that the check in guy fully responded to my request of having a high floor at check in even when they were fully committed. The check-in guy gave us particularly great views- one which was toward the strip in front of the Palazzo, and one suite which faced back directly toward Wynn's golf course.

Most definitely, the strip view room (the Bella suite for our case) had the most astounding view. However, the Luxury suite's view (facing toward the Wynn golf course) was nice in its own ways.


Here's a basic view of how the Luxury suite's view looked like in a foggy and very rainy Christmas day. Obviously, it was very amazing. This shot was taken looking downwards towards Wynn. If you were just looking straight ahead, you would just be seeing the huge mountains toward the back of this image, some of the city near the end of the photo, and the sky. That was how tall we were on in the Palazzo building! We've never experienced this feeling of almost being in the sky before.


Looking very downward from the Luxury suite's window, you would see Wynn's tower suite entrance plus some employee areas, as well as the very nice outdoor pool which also has a special pool for Tower Suite guests. In this photo, it looks like you are also seeing some special suites as well- can you spy three mini pools right next to each other to a building? Those look like some villas there. NICE!


And if you stretched really hard to the left to see the Wynn, you would see this. Almost the entire Wynn building, but not entirely. It would have made for a nice shot if I could have taken the entire building in one photo, but with what was available, I'm happy with it.

Obviously, I'm saving the best for let's move on and see the amazing view from the Bella suite shall we?


Has everyone had the opportunity to be so high you can't see the buildings next to you without looking down? Definitely not. This view was already looking a bit downward already from the upper bedroom section during a very nice after Christmas day morning. Definitely a great sight to wake up to. The high mountains, deep blue sky, and green trees in the city are very picturesque. And at night, it's almost like a big nightlight that isn't too bright but provides enough light.

With such a view, your photo taking opportunities are well, endless! And let's start getting a bit more detailed pictures.


Here is yet another overall shot of the view, but this time with Treasure Island in it.


Here's a photo of the mountains if you looked towards your right in the Bella Suite. Very nice view of the snowy capped mountains with a sunny blue sky. Always a great time to take photos in this type of weather!


Zoom in closer and it looks even better. It's nice that there is still snow on the mountains! It was snowing the week before we came and then it snowed on Christmas on the outskirts of Las Vegas.


This shot was taken looking downwards from the upper bedroom portion. Can you see how high we are that we can even see TI's roof?


And if you look further down from the window, you can see TI's Siren's of TI Show. But it was closed when we were there so that was one less thing we got to see during our trip.

But it's not just about Treasure Island, right? You definitely can see much more from this view...


Like the Trump International Hotel across from the Fashion Show Mall. The gold plating on the glass reflects a lot of the cityscape on it. It's almost like a mirror.


Look far away and you see the Rio and the Palms properties.


Looking slightly left, you see several properties now, including the Mirage and its volcano, Caesars Palace, Rio, the Orleans, and the Palms properties.


And zoom out a little and you see yet more mountains. Those cranes blocking the view are for the St. Regis condo tower with the Palazzo, but construction stopped.


Look further left and you see all of Caesars Palace, plus the new tower being built.

But how about the Palazzo itself? You get a great view of Palazzo itself in the Bella Suite. can spy on different suites and the outdoor pool.


See now? You can see part of the pool in this picture. There's more pool actually. Plus, you ca see the St. Regis tower, and the main entry to the Palazzo. Also, in this picture, you can see how the entry is almost split off right when you enter. Which I why I do not recommend entering the parking lot this way. It is very dangerous when there are too many cars entering.


And now, you can see some special suites that are not available online. They are probably some of the very expensive suites that high rollers get for free...


And let's end with a weather picture. The weather was on and off during our stay, and this picture was when it was transferring from blue sky to rain.

Definitely some great views in this hotel! And no matter where you get, you probably will get a good view anyway due to the layout of the hotel. And for people interested, we did not get a "View Suite". We just got a regular Luxury and Bella suite.


tigerfish said…
I have not read the earlier parts to your Palazzo posts but it must be expensive for a budget traveler. What? Budget traveler in Vegas? :O
We usually stay in Hilton at end of strip with access to monorail.
EatTravelEat said…

You could say so! 159 and 189 per night is pretty expensive for Las Vegas considering this is their cheapest room. However, at some places, this amount of money gets you much less...such as in Boston.

I see many budget travelers in Vegas :). We usually stay at the MGM Grand or the Mirage usually but decided to splurge for the Palazzo as it was Christmas. At least we didn't pay the inflated price of 439 per night which was the price for the rooms later on!
Selba said…
Oh wow!!! What a view!!!

Someday... definitely someday, I MUST visit Las Vegas!!! :)
What luxurious accommodations with that view, gorgeous!
Awesome pics!!!! The Palazzo-view photos are lovely and your new header photo from Arcadia is gorgeous (so green!) - I love how you guys change the banner photo often : ).
Those photos of the hotels are absolutely majestic. You can feel the grandeur of them through your photos.
EatTravelEat said…
Selba, should. It's not just gambling there like some people think!

Passionate Eater,

The best of both mixed together right? :)


Thanks! The header was a lucky opportunity- no people plus good weather. We tried to get another shot of it later on so that it is more centered but then the conditions were not as great as it was before!


That is what I felt too when taking these photos. They looked very grand and awesome.
foodbin said…
those photos were awesome-a good view of Vegas from your lens
EatTravelEat said…

Thanks! It looked even better if you were in the room at the time :).
TC said…
Thanks for the posts. You may have changed my next stay! At least you swayed me. We'll see how the rest feel.
EatTravelEat said…
You're welcome! I wish you a good stay in Vegas, wherever you stay at. Remember to write a TR too if you have time. :)