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Van's Belgian Waffles


Goes the Costco foodservice ladies, "Belgian Waffles! Please try one."

"Thank you!"

And that is how we got this entire pack of waffles. And obviously, the sample tasted good enough to the fact that we would buy it!

Unlike a few years ago where they topped the waffle with whipped cream and pancake syrup, this time they served it by its lone self. And it tasted great.

Crisp on the outside, flavorful, lightly sweet, and moist inside. It was lightly thick and well, tasted very good for a mass produced frozen waffle. So plop it went onto the shopping cart.


And promptly, the next day, I made them for breakfast, and attempted to do some food styling. Instead of using regular pancake syrup as the only topping, I brought in frozen blueberries and strawberries. I drizzled the pancake syrup. And plus, I attempted to make a strawberry jam line. Did that succeed? Well, no.

The taste though was delicious. It was a great NEW combination. NOT.

But it certainly changed my way of eating waffles and pancakes. The strawberry jam, plus the fruits, matched perfectly with the the sweetness and the vanilla flavor of the waffle. The texture difference was awesome and plus, I wouldn't get pancake syrup on myself.

This batch of waffles though wasn't entirely great. You see, there were some blackish parts on the waffle, even when it was frozen!!! I wonder why.

Overall? Pretty good. The vanilla flavor was a bit interesting; I don't know if it was fake or real! I liked that there was a bite to the waffle where you could at least taste the batter and not just eat crispiness.

Of course though, a freshly made waffle beats this. But unfortunately, EatTravelEat here isn't equipped with a waffle machine at home. We make pancakes though :).


My kids adore these for breakfast. So easy and tasty.
EatTravelEat said…

I agree! These are very easy to fix up and eat :). said…
My family loves VANS Belgian Waffles, We bought them at the Citrus Heights Smart And Final for years now we cannot find them. It's a shame because there are no other Beligan Waffles that can compare to the flavor of the melt in the mouth taste.