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ChiMei Frozen Vegetable Dumpling

ChiMei Vegetable Dumpling 1

Available at your local Asian supermarket, these veggie dumplings are fairly tasty. But something cool about it is that they have a nice packaging, with a clear area so that you can see the product.

Obviously, you can do many things with them from their frozen state- either steam them, boil them, or pan fry them like we did.

ChiMei Vegetable Dumpling 2

The little bag doesn't have very little dumplings either! These dumplings filled the entire base area of our Analon Ultimate pan, which means it isn't skimpy with the size. This is how it looks in the pan after adding water and letting the water cook away.

ChiMei Vegetable Dumpling 3

And then plate and serve! With a bit of green onion these look fantastic. I was happy that I took the photos of them with this nice golden brown bottom. Recently, I made them almost look dark brown. They were ultra crispy of course, but then the people who ate it didn't feel too happy as it almost looked like burnt food.

ChiMei Vegetable Dumpling 4

Overall taste of these frozen dumplings? Well, the filling was a bit mushy with carrots, mushrooms, and other vegetables. It had a very light flavor compared to most meat filled dumplings. We ate them with lots of black vinegar.

Personally, I would eat them with something else so that the meal is complete (as this one feels pretty bland), like a plate of vegetables or some meat. We ate it with the California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza on one occasion. Separately of course :).