Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tim Ho Wan (MTR Hong Kong Station)- Central, Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan (MTR Hong Kong Station)- Central, Hong Kong: Exterior

A visit to Hong Kong entails a list of places to visit--Tim Ho Wan, a Michelin starred dim sum restaurant chain also widely known as the cheapest Michelin starred dim sum, was on that list. We found one outlet conveniently located at the MTR Hong Kong Station, nestled beneath the large IFC Mall in Central, Hong Kong, and checked it out during a weekday lunch.

The caveat of the weekday lunch, however, is that the office workers nearby head down towards IFC Mall for many delicious eateries. Tim Ho Wan, as a result, was packed, with long queues for sitting inside the restaurant. Unwilling to wait, we decided to order to-go, and enjoy the food at our hotel room instead. After filling out a menu sheet, paying for the items, and waiting for only a short period of time, we were on our way to enjoying some dim sum.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA

A famous restaurant for Hainan Chicken Rice, Savoy Kitchen is a very small restaurant on Valley Boulevard that draws large crowds. But it isn't merely an Asian restaurant, but rather it serves both Asian and Italian options--you'll find pizza, pasta, bread, curry, and other options.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Larchmont), CA

Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Larchmont), CA: Exterior

A growing 100% organic, plant-based restaurant chain, Cafe Gratitude offers healthful vegetarian foods in a positive, modern, and friendly ambiance. I was recommended to visit it by a friend, who lauded the positive atmosphere, and was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the vegetarian fare was.

Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Larchmont), CA: Interior
Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Larchmont), CA: Interior
Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles (Larchmont), CA: Water

Inside, Cafe Gratitude is happy, positive, and clean, with natural tones and casual furnishings. The mood is set by the positive adjectives not only listed on the menus ("I am...") and boards, but also the employees, who are content and wear shirts that say "love" and other terms. Mindfulness, health, and wellness permeate the entire environment.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa- Marina Del Rey, CA

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa (Waterside)- Marina Del Rey, CA: Exterior

Part of the Waterside in Marina Del Rey, California, Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa opened its first location here. A collaboration between Kazunori Nozawa, Jerry A. Greenberg, Tom Nozawa, Lele MassiminiCameron Broumand, and Clement Mok, Sugarfish aims to provide Sushi Nozawa style and quality sushi at a larger and more accessible scale.

Such accessibility means that there are no sushi chefs or sushi bar viewable to the customers; rather, all the sushi is prepared in the kitchen and presented on tempo when one is ready to receive more food. Inside, it is sleek, and the menu is simplified-- although there are a la carte sushi, handroll, sashimi, and drink options, almost everyone, according to the menu and our server, orders one of the three Trust Me's: Trust Me Lite (17 USD), Trust Me (25 USD), and Nozawa Trust Me (35 USD). For simplicity's sake, we ordered one of each.

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa (Waterside)- Marina Del Rey, CA: Organic Edamame, Gari, Wasabi

As such, we began with plates of organic edamame (2.50 USD), which were also presented with the sushi ginger (gari) and wasabi that we would be able to use later in the meal, alongside a small ceramic container of soy sauce.

These edamame were cooked in saltwater, and thus were nicely seasoned, and each of the green soybeans inside the pods were pleasantly chewy and well cooked.