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Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA

A famous restaurant for Hainan Chicken Rice, Savoy Kitchen is a very small restaurant on Valley Boulevard that draws large crowds. But it isn't merely an Asian restaurant, but rather it serves both Asian and Italian options--you'll find pizza, pasta, bread, curry, and other options.

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA- Pizza Bread

As we ordered from both elements from the menu-- Asian and Italian-- we received a plate of pizza bread to start. Made with potato, the crusty, lightly sweet bread went well with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA: Conch and Prosciutto Pasta

The Conch and Proscuitto Pasta (8.95 USD), cooked in a garlic, white wine, olive oil, and butter sauce, was as described, with plenty of al dente linguine, smoky minced proscuitto, and chewy pieces of conch. The light sauce was pleasantly accented with the seafood and meat flavors from the conch and proscuitto, and the sauce went well not just with the pasta, but with the bread as well.

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA: Curry Beef Stew

Curry Beef Stew (6.95 USD), on the other hand, was a very slow-cooked dish, with the beef stew falling apart when touched. The deep curry sauce base, which had coconut milk, many spices and herbs, and over a dozen fruits and vegetables, was quite greasy and flavorful, which made for a great mixing with the steamed white rice topped with fried shallot. However, being greasy, it was also very filling, and we could not finish the dish in one sitting.

Savoy Kitchen- Alhambra, CA: Hainan Chicken Rice (Dark Meat)

There are several options to get Hainan Chicken at Savoy, including white meat and dark meat options, and the choice to get seasoned chicken rice, salad, or neither. In our case, we ordered the dark meat only version of the Hainan Chicken Rice (9.30 USD), which came with plenty of strips of poached Hainan Chicken, the chicken rice, and condiments of dark soy sauce, minced ginger and scallion in oil, and a creamy chili sauce.

Not adulterated with MSG, the chicken rice thus only featured the intrinsic chicken flavors and wasn't overseasoned. The chicken was poached to tender and taut, and the rice fragrant, soft, lightly accented with chicken broth, ginger, and garlic, with the kernels separated. With the light chicken flavors, the side accompaniments were crucial in accenting the dish with additional flavor-- we used a lot (and asked for extra) of the minced ginger condiment, which unlike other restaurants focused primarily on the ginger and not the scallion. The dark soy, meanwhile, provided additional depth and savoriness, while the creamy chili sauce provided some acidity, heat, and brightness to the dish.

Overall, a pleasant meal at Savoy-- good fare, and thankfully, a non-existent wait for our visit, since we came near the end of the dinner hours. I wouldn't want to wait in the long queue that normally is associated with eating here!

Savoy Kitchen

138 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
Tel: (626) 308-9535
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