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Starting Now

My first post! I'll start with some information about myself. I enjoy eating, cooking, and traveling in my daily life, and so this is why my title is Eat. Travel. Eat! You eat in your daily life, and when you also travel, you want to try out new foods, variations of food, and maybe different versions of what is available in your area, and so that interest in eating, for me at least, is why I put an exclamation mark at the ending.
I'm part of a family of 4, and I am the one who likes to do all the trip planning, and also helping out with cooking, providing knowledge, and researching. I also have an interest in many other things such as products, architecture, airlines, cars, animation, and other things, and so there will be posts on those things as well. The main areas the blog will cover will be around Southern California, and other places when we travel.
If you are interested in what I have already done about writing about food and family travels, I am also a member on Tripadvisor. You'll probably find some posts that are from there, as well as some posts from this blog that will be posted on Tripadvisor as an review as well. In addition, I am not affiliated with another website that actually had the same title as my blog (what a coincidence! And our title has pretty much the same meaning- but I never looked at his website until after I already made this blog) Please enjoy your day and bear with me as I get more familiar with blogging!


Yay I get to post your first comment. Welcome to the blogging world!
EatTravelEat said…
Thank you shavedicesundays!