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Yogurtland Arcadia: Visit #2

Yogurtland has been here for now a few weeks, and it is happily running its business. It is almost aweshocking. At night, it is FILLED with people waiting to purchase yogurt. The shocking large pink bowl for the yogurt is now more of a normal sight; people actually will pump that much yogurt and eat it. During the daytime, it is never possible to not see a group of people chatting and eating outside Yogurtland. And looking at any trash bin, you are now clear to see at least one Yogurtland bowl in it.

Mr. Yogurtland, you are sure gaining some great business now! Families purchase your product everyday. Your customers are happy. And the floating strawberry water amazes customers as they wait to weigh their yogurt creation. You are happily stealing customers from Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt as well. It now seems like over at TF, people are just eating hot items and their other items, and only occasionally do you see someone eating yogurt there.

Do you see the gigantic pink cup?

I finally took some interior pictures. The layout is simple. Near the front of the entrance is the cashiers desk and toppings table to the left. Farther down to the left is the yogurt machines. To the far right is some fruit advertisements explaining the benefits of the fruit, as well as napkins and bowls for the yogurt. And to the right? It's all just extra space. No tables or chairs have been added.

As usual with any self serve yogurt joint, we had to get a sample first. And that, for me, meant to try some new items we didn't try last time. Here are the flavors we tried out in the sample cup this time:
Arctic Vanilla- Just like what you would get at McDonalds (which means YUM). Very creamy, smooth, and milky. Delicious, but I could get this at McD's. Cheaper than McD's? Probably not as cheap.
Pistachio- Creamy and a bit almondy. But, I don't really like it. If you like pistachio ice cream, this is very similar.
Heath Bar- it's like chocolate frozen yogurt mixed with some nuts. Very well blended if actual pieces of heath bar were really added to the yogurt!
Lychee Tart- slightly pinkish color, has the lychee flavor but tastes a bit artifical and not like real lychee. Also, you can taste the tartness of the original yogurt in this!
Mochatto (sp?)- coffee and chocolatey. Our friend described this as bitter for some reason.

After more tryouts, including flavors that did end up going to our final cup, we choose our flavors for this time around. As like last time, the explanations of each item is well, below the photo!

Blueberry Tart- Out of our friend group this is the highest rated. It's not too sweet compared to Tutti Frutti, and it is slightly icy (more firm), but if you eat it fast it won't get stiff. The flavors are very blueberry and also tart. You can taste a bit of the original plain in this. Somehow, I also felt a bit of blueberry on the tounge. Is this really? If it is, then I am really happy that they put the real fruit into it. If not so...well, it's still good!

If you are thinking flavor profile in general, it's like Dannon's Activia yogurt (blueberry of course for the flavor), but not as rich and creamy, and less sweet.

The machine for this went a bit wacky today! I pumped, and suddenly a ton of yogurt went out at once. And so I made swirls as fast as I could! And I was successful. I made the famous (or not famous) Pinkberry swirl with hole in center!!!

Now, somebody should make something that will make blueberry froyo available at home everyday. Trader Joes, are you listening? You've made my day, as well as others, by introducing your nonfat froyo with "pleasant tang" to our palates. This would be your next mission. Please?

Green Tea- The iciest actually of the 3! You really could taste the green tea flavor- and if you think it is going to taste like the bubble green tea, well it isn't. You can taste the "brocoli" like taste this time. It almost was like drinking straight out hot green tea added with milk, and not too sweet either. A light pale green too.

It's interesting though that when I was pumping it, it looked very creamy, but in the end it got icier. I wonder why.

Dutch Chocolate- As usual, very creamy and chocolatey! The smoothest tasting of the 3.

Blueberries- fresh and not at all lumpy looking or old looking.

Mochi- there was actually no more "very powdery" and just "powdery" form of mochi this time, but there were still 2 bowls of mochi at the toppings counter. They, like last time, were chewy and soft , with no weird flavors, and was slightly sweet. Mmm...

Total cost? 2.64 for all this, and it almost filled up the container too! Conversion would be about 9 ounces. Pretty nice deal. And plus, I got another green spoon this time. The lady at the counter was debating whether to give me pink or green too.

But, with all the good stuff, there has to be something bad. Right? I noticed the "bad" when editing the photo when adding text as well as when we were all done with the yogurt and extra melted liquid was in the bowl. What was it? Well, look carefully at the Blueberry tart yogurt.

How are you, blue?

There is a blue speck which is almost covered by the last swirl's shadow which is going out of the bowl. Do you see it now? I don't know why it was there, and for any reason why. I want an explanation...why would this happen? Is it plastic? Is it coloring ? Is it a problem with the new machine? There were several of them too. I am worried.

633 W. Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007
Sun - Thurs: 11 AM-11PM
Fri - Sat: 11 AM- Midnight

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Selba said…
I see.. I see...

I see the pink/green spoons
I see the blue speck


Uhmmmm.... should actually ask the vendor why there's a blue speck on your yogurt...
EatTravelEat said…

Yeah, I think I should. Or they could come in and leave a comment! After all, they have visited my old post on Yogurtland before...:).
Anonymous said…
Dear Friend!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
Thank you so much for your comments on my blog!
Yoghurt is rapidly becoming very popular in Jpana! We always have yogurt drink in the fridge1
I was intrigued by the mochi. It seems to get popular everywhere. Green tea yogurt? Good idea. I hope it's real tea!
As for the blue spots, it could well be colouring.
Now colouring could be natural or artificial. You might have to check it.
At least it gave you a good idea for a great healthy dessert!
EatTravelEat said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog!
Yogurt is popular here too. We also have yogurt drinks in our fridge too constantly.
The mochi is pretty popular here! Lots of places have it and even sell it by itself with nothing filled inside it at the yogurt places.
For the green tea, most use the green tea powder, but it looks like they do use green tea according to their nutritional facts, which is good of them!
The blue spots don't seem like to be coloring as they were solid after melting. However, I found out they use Sunset Yellow FCF in the blueberry tart, which makes me not as happy.