Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fresh & Easy Tart Nonfat Frozen Yogurt and Dark Chocolate Gelato

Fresh and Easy Tart Nonfat Frozen Yogurt Container

Happy Thanksgiving folks! I know I have not posted in quite a while, and I am thankful to your continuing readership. 

But getting back on topic, do you remember last year's post on Trader Joe's Plain Non-fat Frozen Yogurt? Well, recently Fresh and Easy decided to also offer their version of the Trader Joe's product, and thus I went to pick one of them up to fill the dollar amount for their 5 dollar coupon. The cost, if I remember correctly is about the same as Trader Joe's, plus or minus 50 cents.

Fresh and Easy Tart Nonfat Frozen Yogurt with Banana and Honey

The taste is also very similar to Trader Joe's version. I would assume both were made by the same factory. Both are "pleasantly tart" and sweet enough (with the use of corn syrup) so that you do not need any extra sweetener. I did find this less firm compared to Trade Joe's version and a bit creamier in taste. Otherwise, they are all the same. So, need ideas for dessert while you are waiting for your turkey to bake today? Get a quart of this Fresh and Easy frozen delight today! I for one, still have half a container in the freezer. :)

Fresh & Easy Dark Chocolate Gelato Container

But the dessert item I like most at Fresh & Easy are their ice creams and dark chocolate gelato. Dark chocolate gelato is one of their older items; one that was already featured when they opened here in California a few years ago. I bought it the second time I went to Fresh & Easy, but this time I picked it up with the frozen yogurt.

Fresh & Easy Dark Chocolate Gelato

This chocolate gelato is quite chocolate-y, more so than Fresh and Easy's regular chocolate ice cream.  It is like having a rich hot chocolate. For those who are fanatics of chocolate, they still might want more chocolate though. Unlike the chocolate ice cream though, this gelato is very smooth.

Fresh and Easy Dark Chocolate Gelato Take 2
(Do you like this photo better? Different angle + different lighting results in this effect.)

Scooping it is a breeze, and it melts so quickly it is almost difficult to make nice scoops and take a pretty picture! Thus, that's the reason why the pictures of the gelato looks like disgusting blobs. Still, the gelato is very rich, creamy, and delicious. Great idea to pair with some chocolate pie or light tasting dessert; it will provide a nice contrast.

So, overall, two safe delicious choices for dessert! You'll love it if you want to cool down some, even though it is already cold out here in southern California right now. :)


Dave said...

Hey! I remember those bowls. They from Cathay Pacific on-board meal?

I remember when they used to have metal forks that you can take too. =)

EatTravelEat said...


You got that right, LOL! :) They're ultra convenient for dessert! I wonder what they'll have for free this time around, will be flying with them again in less than a month.

Kinan L. Wirastani said...

That frozen yogurt with banana on top is very mouth-watering! I wonder what those transparent yellow syrup glazing around the yogurt are?