Friday, March 23, 2012

Eastern Bakery- Chinatown, San Francisco, CA

TransAmerica Pyramid- San Francisco, CA

After having lunch at Bistro Boudin- Fisherman's Wharf and visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, our next stop was Chinatown.

Chinatown Streets- San Francisco, CA

There, we were immersed in scenes full of color and culture. Even banks followed a theme of having Chinese style architecture.

Eastern Bakery: Exterior- San Francisco, CA

A window display of baked goods prompted me to stop at Eastern Bakery. It is located right next to the Wok Shop, but we were not able to visit the Wok Shop as it was already closed for the day. Eastern Bakery, however, was still open and inside, it seemed as if some organization was having a meeting there while enjoying various baked goods.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ginger and Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Balls

Ginger and Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Balls

One of the most popular articles on Eat. Travel. Eat! is a recipe on a glutinous rice ball dessert. Prepared as is, that recipe is tasty; however, some may note the lack of freshly made glutinous rice balls as a cheat.

So, during Chinese New Year, my companions and I sought to make fresh glutinous rice balls for dessert, and the results were definitely more astounding compared to our previous renditions.

Ginger and Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Balls Closeup

Not only was it comforting to know that we controlled the ingredients used in the dish, but also the taste was superior. Stuffed with a brown sugar candy piece, the rice balls were chewy on the outside, while slightly crunchy and smooth on the inside as remnants of the candy piece stayed solid while the rest of the sugar melted and stayed encapsulated by the chewy exterior. These rice balls were so fun and so easy to make!

Four inexpensive ingredients-- Chinese brown sugar, glutinous rice flour, ginger, and water-- for one delicious dessert. And it is so easy, one can easily make adjustments in the ingredients to make a myriad of other desserts. (now that is for another article)


(recipe after the jump)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zen Buffet- Monrovia, CA

Zen Buffet- Monrovia, CA: Exterior

After Macaroni Grill came Pioneer Point, whose existence was so short that I did not even get to write a full review about it. Now, this location houses Zen Buffet, a well-known buffet with multiple locations in Southern California, and it seems to be staying for the long run, with several more additions to the restaurant being made months after its grand opening. On a summer day, we went to check Zen Buffet out instead of visiting Souplantation, which we have been visiting in a much more frequent rotation compared to previous years.