Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 & Second Year For The Blog!

Hong Kong Harbour View from Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Happy 2011! Sure, this post is a day late, but unlike some previous Decembers, 2010's December had two fun weeks of traveling in Asia- not only just 2000+ pictures taken and lots of places visited, but lots of things learned as well. Guess where I took this picture from! Click on the photo for the answer. :)

I hope everyone has had a great 2010 and I hope that 2011 will be an even better year moving forward. 2010 saw some differences in the blog compared to 2009/2008, mainly an increase in traffic during the summer months and a new record in daily visits! (378) I can see now that there are some patterns: popular places and expensive places are quite well liked by visitors on this site.

Some things do not change however. The year came to a end just as quickly as before, maybe even quicker. And my schedule has been becoming busier and busier, allowing me less time to write posts. I really appreciate your continuing readership in the past year, especially since during the past months I have written less posts than normal. Although my schedule probably will not allow me to write a lot for now, I hope that in the later months I can write more posts. Quality over quantity! I will definitely try to continue with my detailed postings; they just might not come through as quickly as I wish them to. You will see plenty of more interesting posts now, as I have found plenty of fun places to talk about during my trip! Less so on places around California- and the reason for that is that lots of restaurants that I have tried out are mediocre and thus I do not have much enthusiasm to write about them (and you probably wouldn't want to hear my comments in that case). Please suggest places for me to go to! I need better restaurants to talk about.

Now, some interesting figures on the website, in the case of most visited posts:
-Hotel reviews: Bellagio Review 2010: Penthouse Suite on the 35th Floor  (Popular and expensive!)
-Restaurants: The Buffet (Bellagio)- Las Vegas (Popular definitely!)
-Products: Trader Joe's Nonfat Plain Frozen Yogurt (Just like last year- or is it that Trader Joe's products are well liked?)

Los Angeles from a Cathay 777-300ER
California from a 777-300ER perspective from Cathay Pacific flight CX880 HKG-LAX

After a post on UCLA (the photos have been posted on Flickr for weeks now) I'll transfer to my Asia trip. There's quite a lot to talk about! Two hotel reviews, two flights, and lots of other things in between.

Again, wishing you a happy and prosperous 2011!


Sue said...

Happy New Year! :) Can't wait to read about your post on UCLA. Go Bruins!!!

KirkK said...

A belated Happy New Year to you! I can't wait to see the posts of your travels.

joanh said...

happy new year! love the shot of LA from the plane.

EatTravelEat said...

Happy new year to you too! :) I hope I can post it today...if I can!

Happy new year! I can't wait to write about them!

Happy new year! It certainly was not easy...lots of the pictures were blurry and that one is slightly blurry. It's still impressive to look at nevertheless.

Dave said...

Hah, I looked at the pic and thought it was Hong Kong but from where?

Happy New Years! :)

Ben said...

Congrats for two years of solid blogging! Here is to many many more to come!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

heyyyyy call me next time you're in town ;)

EatTravelEat said...

Haha, it's a unusual view huh! But for new years it still wasn't that awesome to see the fireworks, I only saw the fireworks coming off at IFC.

Thank you Ben! Congrats to your 5 solid years of blogging!

Mochachocolata Rita,
Will contact you next time. :)